Five Days To International Pop Overthrow Liverpool 2022

On Sunday the 2022 International Pop Overthrow Liverpool begins. It’s been a long wait for the return of the event. We were last together in May 2019, and I had my hotel for the 2020 event booked before we went into lockdown. I think I moved that booking three times before using it for a work-related event last summer. But I digress. We are finally less than a week away and I am giddy and anxious all at the same time.
There are going to be some people-shaped holes in the event this year, some are people who just can’t make it this time, and others are people we sadly lost along the way. All will be missed and toasted I’m sure.

I have created a page of video playlists from previous IPO Liverpool events and hopefully will be posting a few from this year’s event as I go along. As I said in my previous post, there may be some “live” posting here of phone photos and comments, but I will endeavour to tidy them up when I have time and hopefully make them a bit more composed!

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Author: A-M